Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blanket Repair

 Ok so this pink and blue blanket is 3 years old its one of the first blankets I ever made.

This is the first repair I have needed to make to it.   I was/am a bit under the weather so the day they pulled it out of the laundry and saw this the text's and phone calls poured in.  My niece is really attached to her blankets (White and pink is #1, pink and blue #2 and the others are just at random) and I just spent most of christmas fixing her white and pink blanket (you can see it below) which semi traumatized her because she thought I was going to take it away forever.  Now that #2 needed repair and I couldnt take it home to fix it so she sat next to me on the floor the whole time she wasnt on her moms lap just to make sure it wouldnt leave the house.

I started out by picking up the bottom loops of the blue row, and leaving them on a strand of the original pink yarn,  There was not quiet enough of the original yarn left to fix it as the point it broke was badly frayed.

This was a pretty easy fix, as the row that came undone was just a mix of  * sc, ch 3 (had to do this threw the bottom of the blue loops), sc * all in the same chain space, then skip a st.

 You can see in the photo, I took my hook out of the working stitch, slipped it threw the bottom loops of the next row, worked a ch/slst on the bottom of the first stitch, chained, then worked an other ch/slst, and sc'd on either side.

I did not have a matching pink so you can see the patch row stand out quiet a bit.  Due to alot of streatching and wear the stitchs are all worn out and stretched so my patch will take a while to match the gauge of the rest of the blanket.     
After fixing this one, I did some small work on the pink and white blanket tucking in some tails that I forgot to do at christmas.

Then the blanket I made her for christmas needed a fix.

I am not quiet sure what happened, well no I know what happened I am just not sure how it happened.

The pink and black blanket is made with this wobbly yarn that goes from super bulky to lace weight thin.  I worked it in a basic never ending granny, and some how my starting round unraveled.

The mystory here is I could not find the end of the yarn where it unraveled.  Aparntly it had been in the dresser since christmas, and when #2 broke they pulled it out and soon noticed this hole.

I know I started this blanket with a magic ring, that I weaved the tail into at least twice around.  Now there is no starting tail or any loose end, so I took a scrap of pink that I used on the other blanket, and as with the other blanket I picked up the bottom of the stitches and cinched the opening closed making sure to secure the round in 3 places before attempting to hide off my tails.

The new pink matched the pink in this pink and black yarn very well so I didnt even notice after tucking the tail's where they where hidden.

Here is the blanket monster herself.
Miss Jordan clutching onto blanket #1 for dear life, with blanket #2 tucked under and behind her.

She was so happy it was fix she give me this great big grin.

I managed to get an other grin out of her when I got the pink and black blanket finished and passed off to her as well.

She is lucky she is so cute.  I still need to fix my moms blanket.  Sorry mom!!  I promise I will get to it next!

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