Monday, January 12, 2015

Resolution in the making... (the colors)

Here is the start of my resolution.

I have narrowed it down to these colors for my Happypotamus that I will be making at the leaset 1 african flower motif a month.

From top down, left to right the colors shown are; Shoal, Indigo Heather, Wonderland Heather, Tranquil, Marina, and Clarity.  These are all Knit Picks Palette 100% Peruvian Highland Wool (50g/231yd), that I managed to get for a steal during the 'Big Damn Yarn Sale' back in November.  The lighting sucks, its winter here so no out door photo shoots so the colors in the picture are a bit washed out compaired to IRL.

Since I have the most of  Shoal and Indigo (2 balls each, where I only have one of everything else) I believe one of them will be my main join color.  One of the things I find irritating about a project like this is its a LARGE item being made so it will take up more than a ball of yarn but the pattern does not give any yardage amounts, just how much the shell of the hippo un-stuffed weighed.  So I may have enough, I may have way to much, or I could just run out half way threw.      
With out farther ado- I give you January's First Motif

 From middle out I used Wonderland, Mirina, and Indigo.  The lovely Dayton thought it was a toy for her and grabbed it before I could get a photo of it for scale with the 2.00mm hook I am using

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