Monday, January 12, 2015

Semi matching hat for the momma

So for Christmas I made my niece this lattic hat.          
Here she is sporting it with her new (faux) fur coat, getting ready to go out in her new hat.            
I love that smirk shes giving there.

Anyways her momma talked me into a yarn shopping trip, which is where I got the yarn for the fox cowl I posted about earlier.             
While there we picked up yarn to make her momma a matching (same style) hat.

Jordans hat, is wool chroma in mesa base, with black acrylic overlay.
Christines (the momma) hat is turquis base (RH soft), with an overlay of Black Canyon (LB Heartland) which has nice specs of gray through out it.

I freehanded it from what I remeber doing last time. 

I stared with the black, for 2 rows before bringing in the base color the base rows once I got the increase sections done where just alternating rows between DC all (BC), and SC 3 (BC) with overlay FPTRB cluster(OC).

If you ever attempt a lattice/diamond hat keep an eye on the color changes, its easy to make them too tight, which will affect the stretch and fit (making it much smaller).

I found I did this on my first overlay row and had to unravel both colors back a full row which is not fun but hey I learned from it and now I can share that advice with you!

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