Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baby Boy Blanket

This is a gift for one of my cousins who is having a boy.  Its a circular chevron in the round in the colors baby blue, and chocolate. 

I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who has not attempted both a circular blanket, and done chevron before.  I had a few issues while working it with rippling but I manage to work most of them out, by doing a round with no increases (the brown rounds).  I also started my rounds in a bad spot, where my joins where on top of a skip/decrease section and it floated to right after and my count got messed up so on the next color change I just cut the yarn and did a standing DC start 3 stitch's from the tip of the point before my previous join.

I do not have a pattern, as I worked on this on the go at a friends, and during new years at a party and didnt write down what I did but it should be similar to any of these patterns on Ravelry.   FYI if you dont have a Rav account make one now, its free, they wont spam you with emails, and there are ton's of patterns including some of mine you can find with there customizable search tools.

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