Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Feeling a bit sheepy

 I wanted a quick project to whip up while working on the dragon.  So I started up this small sheep!

He is sporting some hand painted silver green eyes.  I still need to work up some small little legs but that will need to wait for day light hours when I can see my stitches in the black tweed I will be working them out of.  I am using the same bulky yarn I used when I made a llama last week.  I some how never got a photo of it to share before it was sold.             

This is a bulky baby blanket yarn, it screamed llama at me in the store.  So I bought it, but now I have a huge ball of it still left so I need to get cracking and make a few more llama's and if the sheep goes over well some more sheep.

I am not sure what else I can use the yarn to make.  SC stitchs look like fluffy tuffs of wool which IMO makes for a perfict llama and sheep body. Do you have any sugestions?

I am jotting down notes as I work so long as I dont lose them I will try to get a pattern for this guy out.

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