Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year/Holidays!

So for me the holidays have come and are over.  I went to Christmas with gifts and wound up fixing that pink and white (not made by me) blanket for my niece (that I have fixed before) and bringing home a blanket of my moms (also not made by me), which should be easy as its just sewing squares back together.

I want to have a resolution that I can stick to this year.  So I though hard about it, and there is a pattern I have been wanting to make its called the Happypotamus by Heidi Bears but I have been avoiding because of the amount of motif's you have to make and sew or join as you go.

So my resolution for 2015, is to create at least 1 african flower motif a month or more till I finish a Happypotamus.  There is a total of 44 motifs that make this hippo so if I make 3 a month I will finish it in time for Christmas 2015.  I hope I get it finished by June so it can be a birthday gift to myself but that will require 7 motif's a month.             
I know I could just sit down and knock it out in a week or two but I dont want to burn myself out, that and I have other items I need to work on- Fox Cowl, an other lattes hat, sewing together a granny square blanket, making a star burst baby blanket, and I might be doing a Amigurumi Pannel at a upcoming convention called Kawa Kon which could be really exiting.  If I do get a panel slot I plan on making a few  example ami's from small simple things to larger items that I might choose to give away during the panel to anyone who has interesting questions/wearing awesome cosplay.

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