Saturday, January 19, 2013

Impossible blanket

6 or 7 months ago my sister got this lovely crochet blanket. She brought it to me today to fix it. It was literally falling apart. I'm not sure who made it but whoever it was did not secure their color changes and it is falling apart at the color changes I did a quick fix for today but Jordan my niece could not go to sleep without her blankie so I am in the process of trying to recreate the blanket without having any idea what stitch this is.  It looks like a huge loop with a single double trouble crocheted into it but I'm not sure how she did the huge lips because they don't look like a huge loop a single crochet in a large hook would make but migh possably be a Broomsticks alteration or anything like that?

If anyone has some input it is greatly welcomed as this is my nieces favorite blankie she loves digging her fingers and toes into it and stretching. 


  1. Wasn't from me . Looks like a simple shell pattern.

    1. The shell part I get but I dont get the row's between the shells. It looks like a single strand of yarn in a loop and I am not at all sure of how it was done.