Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More Crochet Dice

Left to Right: D8, D12, D4
So I have got the nack down for making D4 and D8 although I think the D8 looks a little frumpy.  They all roll well, landing on a face side up every time. Took me two days to make and piece the D12, and a day a piece for the D8 and D4.

I wonder if I put my patterns up for sale for like $2 for a pdf/video if anyone would be interested?
 I only have the three made so far, though I could easily make a D20 it just seems very daunting it would probably take a day alone to piece it together and possibly 2 days to make and number the sides. I plan on doing a D6 next it should be the easiest pattern to make. 
I do think the hardest pattern I will have to fumble threw making is the D10 I have a working idea for it but it will have to wait till I can try and assemble it to see if it will work like a D10 should.

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