Friday, January 18, 2013

D10 what a pain in the....


Seriously.  Took me a few tries to get the shape correct times 10, and sewing them all together was a bit harder then doing up the D12.  Stabbed myself with a darning needle a few times trying to get the top and bottoms sewn up with out lossing the over all shape.

This one doesn't 'roll' easily but it lands face up when tossed straight up.  Then again I don't think an actual D10 rolls well at all so it might not be a fault on my end and just an over all aspect of the shape.

So I have 4/6th of a complete set done!  Still dreading the D20, and procrastinating on the D6.  so far I have put 6 day's worth of work into making these little  or rather 'big' crochet dice.  Debating on if I will sell it all as a set or let them go individually at the con.

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