Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Pattern!! Butterfly Tank, Cover UP

Butterfly Tank, Cover Up

So spring is here (mostly) where I live, and that means I can bring out all my summer tops soon.

Its still a bit to chilly on days to where a tank top alone, so I made a cover up that I can put on in the A/C or when its a bit windy.  It covers the shoulders and on me just down to the top of my bust.    Sorry for the short distance photo I had to take it selfie style as no one was home today to help me out and I wanted to get the pattern finished and converted into a PDF so everyone else could give this top a try.             
Its a simple repeat of 4 rows, so you can easily adjust it to make a full top or even a bolero instead of a cover up.  The patter includes written directions and 2 charts.    

I took a poll over in Reddit to see if this should be included in my free or donate patterns.  I was actually quiet surprised by the results-- it was a tie!    48 people voted in total and the vote was split evenly at 24/24.         
So what I am going to do is offer it here for free~~ and if you like it enough that you want to donate please feel free to!



  1. Do you a have another photo? Would like to see full dimensions. Thanks

    1. Currently no, just that photo and the one included in the pattern for right now. I need to wait for an other nice day and see if I cant sucker someone into taking a few good photos for me.