Friday, July 26, 2013

Fall into Me Shrug

Here it is finally finished!  I tried my best to keep my hair up but it fell while the photos where auto clicking so its hiding the collar area.  The collar is rolled in the image but it can also be worn flat.

I wish I had someone here to help me get better pictures because it realy is quite lovely.  Maybe over the weekend I will be able to talk someone into modeling it for pictures in natural lighting (pending rain).

That pattern f or this is simple to make in any size and once I remeber which note book  I used to write what I was doing down in I will add it to the post!

I did this with a large skein of mystery Mohair yarn, and a size H/8 5.00MM.  If you know how to slst, dc, ch, and sk st you will be able to make this shrug.


  1. A lovely shrug, and I look forward to seeing the pattern for it :)

    1. Thanks Katy, just have to figure out what I did with the notebook I was writing them down in.

      >.< I should be more organized but every time I organize I loose stuff!!