Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finished Juicy Fruits blanket!

So I finished!! I love how the colors seem to wiggle upwards. Now I feel like running around screaming 'I finished it!!!' My second baby blanket and this one is perfect, 40x36 inches evenly.

I would realy like to make this pattern again in black and gray only larger say 60x80.  Only thing stopping me is lack of yarn and $$$ to buy said yarn would take like 30 skeins.

Speaking of yarn my husband is so cute he came home the other day with three skeins of yarn, red/green/blue for me for no reason at all and two crochet magazines. I love that he thinks of me when he sees yarn its sweet.

Now that is this out of the way I am going to focus on what I am calling my 'Fall into Me' spiral vest.


  1. Your blanket is gorgeous, and I really hope you'll manage to get the yarn to do it in the black & grey, as I think that colour combination would look ultra cool! :)
    I'm starting on the same pattern myself very soon - I'm making it as a present for a soon-to-be new baby - and I'm just about to sort out the colour combinations I'll be using, then I'll be giving it a go :)

    1. It really is a beautiful pattern, just keep your yarn needle and snips handy for those color change so you can work them in as you go.

      I would love to see how yours works up feel free to stop back by and leave a pic!