Wednesday, July 31, 2013

CON-tamination and Japanese Festival

Left to Right
Snow owl, Dark green Chibi Cthulhu, Penguin, Skel-o-Bunbun, Red CC, strawberry, onigiri, Pink 'LOVE' CC, Girl inYukata, Green CC,

I am gearing up for CON-tamination  a horror and pop culture convention that is this weekend at the  Holiday Inn South County Center.  The nice people over at Animeggroll have a booth at the convention and said they would sell some of my critters for me!  So I will not be there but do look out for Animeggrolls booth they will be bringing a lot of interesting things with them.

Now on to other news!  I might get to consign some items at the Japanese Festival that Missouri Botanical Garden is holding Labor day weekend (Aug 31-Sept 2).   I am going in to speak with them about it on Thursday and taking in the motley crew you see above for examples of my work.   Most of these guys will be going off to the con Friday, and I did not have  any other work on hand to take in so I hope they are not put off by the creepy horror theme of Cthulhu's and Skel-o-Bunbun's.

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