Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dragon Egg Bag Pattern

I promised someone I would write up the pattern for the Dragon Egg dice bag I made a while back.

Now I am writing it out as I re-work a new bag.  I tried to do video of the whole process but for some reason the video keeps  tic'ing off after  less then a second of filming. After much fiddling with the camera for almost 3 hours I am giving up on a video tutorial to go with a pattern.  I will try to take detailed photos as I go, so bare with me.

In order to make this you need to know how to SC, DC, BLO, DC around a post, and how to work in the round.

SC -Single Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
POST DC - Work a Double Crochet around the Post of a previous double crochet
MR- Magic Ring (or your preferred method of starting in the round.)
BLO- Back Loop Only (this isn't required but it makes the base more stable and pretty) This is just going threw the back loop of the stitch, the loop farthest away from you instead of working under both loops.  This will create a ridge as you work between the dc and sc rounds.
FR -Finishing round
R6F- Row 6 Frame
R6S-Row 6 Scale

I make a flat base for the bag to sit on first, then I start the 'frame' and 'Scale' rows.  The Scale row will always be worked over the last row of DC.

Start by making a ring with 8 sc
I like to start with a MR so I can tighten up the center closed snugly

R1- MR sc8  [end with a slip stitch and chain up for the next row after each row]
R2- Increase (inc) all stitchs 16
R3- INC, sc repeat around 24
R4- INC, sc 2 repeat around 32

From here you can either skip to the DC directions if you want a smaller bag or continue on if you want your bag larger.  The first bag I did stopped at 4 rounds for the base.

R5- INC, sc 3 repeat around 40

Work around the post of the DC
The Frame work starts here this next round will be worked in the BACK LOOPS ONLY, and all stitchs will now be DC so if I say INC DCx then you do a DC increase.

How to make the Scale
R6F- Chain 2 (does not count as a DC) BLO INC, dc 4  48
R6S- Working into the post of the 3rd DC from where your hook is (should be where  you just slip stitched into the start of the round) DC 4 around the post, then dc around the very next post putting your hook in from left behind and out on the right and work 4dc up.  Skip over 2 stitches then in the 3rd stitch from the work repeat the DC4 up and down  You will close the round with a slip stitch into the starting scale, you may have one extra or one less st if you didn't increase properly that's ok.

Repeat R6F and R6S for as many rounds as you want the bag to be long then do the fallowing to finish off
How to finish off a scale row

Finishing Rounds Done in Single Crochet
FR 1- Dec, sc 4 repeat around 40
FR 2 - Dec, sc 3 repeat around 32
FR 3- SC All or SLST all your prefrance 32

Make a Chain about a foot long to weave into the top of the bag to use as closer and your done!

I will be modifying and updating this pattern as I work the bag, hopefully I will get some photos and if I can barrow a camera that can record video try to get video of how I work the scales.

Please leave feedback!  I would love to see what you made with this pattern.  Let me know if something is not clear or is wrong.

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