Monday, January 6, 2014

UN-tested Maokai Sapling

Someone asked for a pattern to make a doll for their friend.  I offered to write one up, but I did not test the pattern so it might need adjusting as you work.  IE you might need to add/subtract rounds to get the right shape and length.

Sc=single crochet
MR= Magic ring
st= stitch
R1/R12=round 1/12 ect
Inc=increase (two stitches into one stitch)
Dec=decrease (combinding two stitches together)

So if I write  R3 Sc 2, inc   I want you to keep single crocheting 2 stitches then increasing till the end.

Starting from the bottom up-

You will make two legs then crochet them together to start the body.  Arms, eyebrows, and top horn/branches worked separately and sewed in at end.

You will need green and black felt for mouth/eyes/leaf and brown yarn.  F/G/H hook depending on how large you want the pattern to come out. Yarn/Darning needle. Stitch marker, it can be contrasting color yarn, hair pin, or a store bought marker.

Leg's -make two

Magic Ring 5 sc  (( video showing how to start with a magic ring)) (5)
R1- Sc 2, inc, Sc 2 (6)
R2- SC all (6)
R3- SC2, inc, sc 2, inc (8)
R4- Sc all (8)
R5- Sc 2, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 2 (10)
R6- Sc all (10)

First leg, cut off  6-8in end yarn and slst to finish off, second leg do not cut off yarn it will be the working yarn for the rest of the doll.

Holding the two legs together using the yarn from the first leg, sew 5 stitches together between the legs with the working yarn (starting spot for rounds) on the outside.

R7- SC all (15)  You will be working in the round when you get to where the legs meet start working across in the other leg skipping over the stitches sewn together.

R8- *sc 4, inc* repeat (18)
R9- SC all (18)
R10- Sc 5, inc  repeat (21)
R11- SC all (21)
R12- Sc 3, inc repeat (28)
R13 threw 18- SC all (28)
R 19- Sc 3, dec repeat (21)
R 20 - SC all (21)
R21- sc all (21)
R22- sc all (21)
Leave long tail to sew in top branches to body.

Smaller knob/branch make 2  ((Leave a tail to sew together))

R1- Sc 2, inc, Sc 2 (6)
R2- SC all (6)
R3- SC2, inc, sc 2, inc (8)
R4- Sc all (8)

Longer Knob/branch ((Leave a tail to sew together))


R1- sc 2, inc (6)
R2&3-sc all (6)
R4- Sc 2, inc (8)
R5&6- Sc all (8)

Sew each of the smaller branches to either side of the large one, by 3 stitches each leaving  20 stitches to sew the top into the body

Arms- make 2

MR 8-
Work for 8 rounds

Leave long tail for sewing into the body.

Brows- make 2
R1-3- SC All (4)
R4-  Sc, inc (6)
R5- Sc 2, inc (8)
R6-7- sc all (8)
R8- Sc 2, inc (10)

R9- Here you will make a split, work first  6 stitches then join them to the beging of the round leaving a 4 stitch gap.
R10-12 Sc all (6)
R10-11(B) Sc all (4)  work the reaming 4 stitches

You will want to stuff the body, attach the top portion to the body sew it to the body stuffing as you do so the top is also full stiffly.  Stuff and attach arms to sides around round 11.  For the brows you might not want to stuff the full brow , I would suggest stuffing the start of the brow lightly then sewing it shut at round 4 so you can firmly stuff the ends of the brows and sew them shut and attach to the body.

From here you will need to cut felt for eyes, mouth, and leaf to attach to the body.

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