Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Spiral (AKA Divine hat by Rhe modified)

I made myself a winter spiral hat, its loosely based of the Divine Hat by Rhe's.

Image is a Gif on a 15 sec loop

I used her Front Post Double Crochet cluster meathod to get the spiral pattern, but I started with a MR with 10 DC and only worked the increase up to 3 stitchs as going up to 4 made the hat way to big for me, even at 3 its a bit big.  I added a winged brim held up with some black buttons I had on hand.  Sorry for the bad photo's as I mentioned in a previous post I am having some camera issues, photos will not take with out the flash on now no matter how well lit the area if the flash is off its just blurry.

I plan on trying to recreated this in the white merino wool I got as a gift for Christmas, but I want to find buttons that are stunning to compliment it.   I didn't bother getting stunning buttons for this black version because it is in black most of the detail will go unnoticed  I might eventually re-button it but for now the plastic ones will hold.

I used the Black Red Heart Super Saver that reddit user r/ShesSoStripes traded me for in a r/YarnSwap.  I just need to throw it threw the wash to get all the pet hair from my Kitty's and doggies off of it they where very interested in the box of yarn that exploded to make this.

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