Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Demons, Angels, and Hunters [SNCW FO]

So I am a scatter brain.  I completely forgot to take photos of my finished Supernatural Craft Swap.  I just got the box grabbed the guys and shoved them in sealing the box shut.    
I know my swap partner has received them 0,- even after a bit of hassle with the post office.  She was amazingly kind enough to take photos for me so I could share them all with you.

I loved working on these guys, and am so sad I was not able to finish the 4th (Sam).  Plotting how I would work them up was the hardest part, namely Crowley.   He is almost always wearing black on black or grey on grey and I didn't want him to feel monotone.
SO many jackets! I think I am in love with how well Cas's turned out, Dean and Crowley are basically wearing the same jacket just different colors.  I had fun making sure Crowley was show appropriately shorter then everyone else by a smidgen.   I did send a pattern for Sam, if she does want to make him, and he should turn out to be taller then all the others by 1/4 inch give or take where the legs are sewn in.      

Now I am off to work on that chart I posted a while ago as promised I want to get some corrections put in and work on adding a row.

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