Tuesday, March 15, 2016

2D to 3D Miss M's Candy logo

So a few weeks ago my loving husband took me up to a new (to me) candy store in the city.  While Miss M's Candy is small it is packed from the floor almost to the ceiling with sweets and treats.  

While drooling over the counter display of chocolates I noticed they had a cute 2D logo and it inspired me, I wanted to create it in a 3D amigurumi.
I took a few liberty's with the design.  I tried to color match the maroon from the logo, and keep the dress length the same.

I choose to give her hand painted copper eyes, and long chocolate color pony tail with a slight bump styling.  I also went for a more modest cut on the top of the dress and cape sleeves giving her a look that would wear well on a girl, woman, or elder lady. 

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