Saturday, March 19, 2016


I do not know about you, but I find it hard to locate good crochet friendly local yarn stores.

Now what I mean by this, is stores that are not big chains like Hobby Lobby, Micheals, Joann's, AC Moores.  I am talking about the stores that are focused on selling yarn, or other fiber art related materials.  I know of only 3 or 4 in my local area, and out of those I know 1 is openly advert to crocheters.  

They where friendly and helpful up till I mentioned I planned to crochet with the yarn they helped me pick out, it was like I had mentioned I like to deep fry and eat babies the look of disgust on there face and the fact that they could not get away from me fast enough, even my husband (sweet man he is suffered through while I fondled every ball in the store) thought it was rude.  Once I had finished looking and had my final selection it took almost 15 minutes standing by the register for the group of ladys knitting, talking about how crochet is a waste of yarn, and giving me the stink eye to figure out who would ring me up.          

Now I would not wish this experience on anyone.  So earlier today I decided to do something about it.   I started a google map for Yarn Stores anyone with the link is free to add location to it.  I do ask you try to use the layer function so its easier for others to sort by location.  Its ok if you do not know how; I will and possibly others will go threw every now and then and sort the unsorted.    I am hoping this map will create a great source for everyone to go to when they want to find a LYS, vice versa when they have a LYS and they want everyone to know how awesome it is.  Also its a better source then just googling for yarn as often times LYS closed or move so if one is added we know someone has been there and will hopefully update if they closed/moved.

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