Sunday, December 27, 2015

Yarn Storage!

So I started on my yarn storage tonight.

I had a left over pack of 1ft by 1ft by 1ft boxes from the USPS (free), and a random bunch of binder clips (also free) to make this.  I found the binder clips almost 80% of the random bag where to small to be funtional for the purpose I needed here.  The best results are when I used 2 medium binder clips to connect the edges of boxes, or 1 med and 2 small, or 4 of the smaller ones but they where not reliable some of them would pop off if I didn't use a larger clip to hold the edge flat till I get them all on.

I was only able to connect 6 boxes before I ran out of clips that would hold with out popping off under the strain of the box flap.

I need to get more medium clips, and some packing tape to add more to it.  As it is the boxes are flexing in towards the join when empty.  To fix that I just need to run a strip of tape from the top to the bottom box  and maybe one or two strips across the back.  Or find some heavier yarn to fill it with.  As it stands right now its only 3 feet tall by 2 wide give or take a few cm's.

Here are some shots of me setting it all up.  A cheap and effective way to make some storage if you need it, its quite sturdy.

BTW this is only about 1/4 to a 1/3 of my yarn its some of the leftover scraps on the right bottom 2, and mostly acrylics.  I have not had the time to gather up my nicer stuff to place in it and I think I will hold off till I have build and taped a few more boxes onto it.  Maybe I can talk my hubby into moving over the TV and tv stand so I can also widen it.  Other wise I will have to find an other space to place some more 'shelving'.

On the sides that are not connected I just left them with a single medium clip in the middle to save on clips but the flaps still stick out a bit.

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