Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sneak peek at christmas (photo heavy)




Ok so this in my haul.  I started working on gifts way back in June, and this is not all of it just the top layer I could pull out of the christmas gift pile with out causing an avalanche of giftmous.

If your family or friend feel free to message me and stick a claim to an item you like that isnt already tagged as claimed.

From top to bottom, all items where my own pattern with the exclusion of the first cowl it was a pattern I altered from a German crochet pamphlet.  The top is my Very Cross (Cabled) Hat my idea of a gender neutral hat for guys or girls,  next is the cowl from the German pattern, simple large hook linen stitch cowl, the next scarf is a staggered shells with a raw edge to give it that scalloped look, last cowl is a trb done in a chunky yarn (looks like diamond ore from minecraft), then I have a photo showing 3 of the pairs of Lacy Mitts (I know I made more then 3 but they must be at the bottom of giftmous), fallowed by a requested gift from my niece Jordan, she wanted a mermaid- she will also be getting a mermaid tail blanket to go with it (not pictured here again bottom of giftmous).  Fallowed up with some close ups of the Lacy Mitts.

I will be posting the Very Cross (Cabled) hat pattern soon, it works up fast so hopefully it will still be in time for holidays if anyone wanted to make one.  It is worked brim up in the round (brim worked flat).

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