Wednesday, December 16, 2015

RESOBOX Even has gone live!

so if you are in NY City any time between Dec-Feb (end of feb) stop in ResoBox and see all the awsome amigurumi.

As with last year I am not able to go myself so I have been stalking the photos of everyone else.  One of the other artists Jay Tea made a panorama of the event so people like me who cant make it can still 'experience it'.

Thanks Jay Tea for letting me share it here.  If you want to experance the Resobox Event and cant not visit in person click here!!

I was able to spot my cardinal on the amigurumi map (large box for the US), my large sheep (they hung it by its ear ((owwie))) and my fluffy owl (in the window).

Let me know if anyone can spot more of my work (sent it 51 items =D).

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