Friday, December 11, 2015

Very Cross Hat (Crossed Cabled Hat Pattern)

Crossed Cabled Hat

One of the Christmas gifts I am working on is a gender neutral hat that would work well for anyone. So I fell back on doing a textured hat playing with crochet cables, using front post double crochet.

This pattern makes an adult sized largish hat, if you want to size it down make sure when you work your brim rows (in multiples of 4) just work the brim to the size you want it smaller.  Its important you keep to multiples of 4 for the cable pattern to work.  Also its pretty stretchy so it might look small as your working it but it will stretch. 

All stitches after your base SC rows will be worked in the front post, including the cross cable stitches; I just didn't have a cross stitch symbol for front post.

 Once you get to the cable rows PAY ATTENTION to which way you are crossing, if you fallowing the diagram only.
 Also the chain 2 at the start of each hat row does not count as a stitch it is just there it get the height you need to make your double crochets.


Brim is worked intirly in the back loops only (BLO) even on the starting chain this is what will give the brim stretch.  Start with a LONG tail so you can use it to sew the brim edges together.
R 1-Chain 7, In the back loops of the 2nd chain from hook sc, sc remaing 5. (6 st)
R2-52- BLO Sc all (6st)

DO NOT cut the tail, you will continue the body work.  Use the starting tail and sew the last row to the first threw the BLO of the last row and the FLO from the first row.


 R1- Chain 1, work 52 sc into the side edge of the brim, and slst to join in the round (you will end all rows with a slst)
R2- Ch2, FPDC all 
R3- Ch 2, PFDC, [Skip the next st, FPDC, FPDC around skipped stitch (working in front of previous stitch), FPDC 2] Repeat directions in the [] all the way around ending with a single FPDC
R4-Repeat row 2
R5-Repeat row 3
R6- Repeat row 2
R7- Ch 2,Skip the first stitch, FPDC, FPDC into the skipped stitch (working behind previous st), [Skip next stitch, FPDC, FPDC into skipped stitch (working in front of previous st), skip next stitch, FPDC, FPDC into skipped stitch (working behind previous st)] Repeat directions in [] all the way around.
R8- Ch2, skip the first stitch (stick a SM in it as you will work the last stitch around it), FPDC 2, [Skip the next st, FPDC, FPDC around skipped stitch (working in front of previous stitch), FPDC 2] Repeat directions in the [] all the way around ending with, skip a stitch, work your last cross 2nd to last FPDC worked into that skipped stitch at the begining, then FPDC in the skipped stitch (working in front of previous stitch).
R9- Your first stitch is now what was your last stitch.  Repeat row 3 starting with working your first FPDC around the last rows last stitch.
R10- Repeat row 2
R11- Repeat row 3
R12- Repeat row 2
R13- Repeat row 3

If you want a slouchy hat do a few more repeats of row 2 and 3, other wise move on to the decrease rows.

R14- [FPDC 2, FPDC Dec] repeat around
R15- [FPDC, FPDC Dec] repeat around

Finish off, leaving a LONG tail, weave it along the top edge of your hat and pull to gather the top and close it off securing it closed by sewing a few criss crossing stitches before hiding your tail.  I turned mine wrong side out when I did the gather  so when it pinches up it can be hidden on the inside.

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