Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas/Anniverary Yarn Haul (photo heavyish)

My Christmas was very good.   I got far more yarn then I could have expected.  My husband even got me a copper spinning wheel (pencil sharpener).  It actually works like a spinning wheel would its just missing a bobbin, a hook on the flyer, and a orifice.  Other then that the treadle pumps the footman which spins the wheel, in turn spinning the flyer and the attached distaff can be swung to either side.

My Husband lost took me to a local shop while we where in Branson MO for our 10th anniversary to get yarn.  This haul had some wool blends, silk, and alpaca.  Plus a ball of Impulse that comes with a pom stating its enough to make a hat; I was iffy at first because I had dealt with a brand up where I live that makes the same claim but you could only make a premi sized hat and not a child/teen as advertised on the label.  The owner of Ceclla's actually had a knit hat made from 1 skein on display and I was surprised that it was a decent sized hat that could have fit a small/med adult.

 This was my yarn haul from my MIL.  I love chroma, and when it went on sale over at KnitPicks I made sure to spam facebook and let everyone know they could buy me a christmas gift I loved all the colorways so I would be happy with anything I got would just need 2 skeins to be able to make something with it all.
 This batch is a mixtur of gifts from my Hubby (yarn tote, book, SB 4 hook tool), mom (more chroma!!!) and from my sister/BiL/niece (some MK, RHU, a super chunky, ect).

This last batch is a mix from both my mom and my sis/bil/niece.  They both got a hold of someones boxes of left over yarn and some unfinished projects.  Which will be perfect for amigurumi or other small motif projects.

Now I need some shelfing to hold it all.

On to my next project...

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