Sunday, November 15, 2015

Belated Batman Superman Logo Blanket [Pattern]

Batman/Superman Blanket Graph Patter

I have been meaning to put this up when I finished making the blanket for my very patient husband. Its been moved to my WIP back-burner unfortunately, as I burned myself out on it. I only have to finish the epic wing span. 

Its over 12 feet both ways at this point.  I made sure to adjust the graph so it will only produce a 6-8ft blanket depending on the hook/yarn used.  I was using a Tunisian J-hook with Read Heart Super Saver in Cherry and Black.  I used far more yarn then you will,  6 1/2 skeins of the Red, and  10 skeins of Black, but again my blanket came out twice the size of this graph so you should (SHOULD I am just estimating) only need 4 red and 6-8 black.

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