Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sneak Peak at a Pattern in Progress -WIP

I was inspired by a contest being held over on r/crochet hosted by the lovely u/SassySSS to make something that will make all this bleak winter weather we are having seem less cold.  
I wanted a summery tropic feel, so I am using this blue and white flower motif that reminds me of those Hawaiian shirts, with the pop of color from my old orange pillows. 
I made these pillows over 2 years ago in hopes to add some vibrancy to our huge brown dark abys of a couch.  I didnt realy think it through at the time, I just let myself fall in love with the colors I found.   They look ok on the couch but brown and orange just wasnt working for me.  I am hoping when I finish this pillow sham it will help warm up and brighten the room.

Maybe even make spring finally stick.

To make this I am making this motif -

1-ROW Ch 8, slst 1 in first ch.
2-ROW Ch 1, sc 16 into the loop.
3-ROW Ch 1, sc 2 over second and first rows (into the loop), ch 9 picot (ch 9, ss in first ch), sc 4 over second and first rows (into the loop), ch 9 picot (ch 9, ss in first ch), repeat from to 4 more times, sc 2 into the loop, ss 1 in first sc in this row.
4-ROW  *ln next ch 9 picot: sc 2, hdc 2, dc 2, tr 3, ch 3 picot, tr 2, dc 2, hdc 2, sc 2: skip 1 sc in 3rd row (loop), ss 1 in next sc', repeat from * to * 5 more times (except make last ss in the first sc of this row).

For the next an other motifs I will join them in row 4 on the last two peddles in the picot I will ch, sslst into previous motif picot, ch, slst to finish picot.  Since my Pillow is 12x12, using a E hook and WW yarn, I was able to work 6 motifs joining as I worked into a round and it fit my pillow just right, snug enough that it wont slouch but not so snug the work is pulled tight.

The second row has a lot more joins, as you go the first motif of the second row will connect to the first in 3 spots- bottom of  motif in previous row, the join of two from previous row, and the bottom of the next motif-- and each fallowing will connect in 4 - 1st to the first of the second round, 2nd to the bottom of the previous round where first motif is attached as well, 3rd to the previous row where 2 motifes join, 4th to the bottom of the previous row motif. Till the end, which will connect with 5 to close the round.

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