Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dean Winchester aka Jensen Ackles Chibi Amigurumi Finished

I am on my way to starting a set of Supernatural Ami's.  I have the head, and most of the base body finished, just need to make legs, arms, and a jacket then go into the detailing of eyes and hair.

I am just making the pattern up as I go so I hope he comes out and anyone will look and say "Oh such a cute Dean' or at least know its a Dean/Jensen.

I am almost finished I just have to  give him hair and find a way to style it in Dean/Jensen fasion.

I will update here as I work on him so make sure to come back and check up to see the finished doll.

I stayed up late like a zombi to finish him.  I couldnt stop once I started on the hair I had to keep going or risk one of my animals really messing it up thinking its a toy.  I went with the lightest brown, because his hair is like a dish water blond to medium brown depending on lighting.

I took some advice from the wonderful people over at r/chrochet on how to best do his hair style, which is army short on the sides and back, with semi longish top and front.   I tried a few ways and what seemed to look best to me atleas- was embroidering the sices back, and crown of his head with long flat stitchs, to get the bit in the front I did an embroidery stitch called Turkey Work .  Turkey work, is basicaly making two back stitches the first with  a loop held up, and the second (while holding the loop loose) worked tight to lock the loop in place so it doesnt  let the loop stitch fall out of the work when the loop is cut.

I am not sure my photo does him justice but its over cast outside so this is the best shot I can get.  I am not sure if you can tell but his eyes are custom painted.  This is the first time I have painted eyes.  I made them a blend of greens to get the green hazel his eyes appear to be.

His arms, legs, and head are fully adjustable, you can pose him.  I didn't wire him because again I was up late and zombie Sara doesn't really think about getting out the wire.

I kind of wish I had made his legs 2 rows longer so they wouldn't look so.... short.

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  1. I'm sure he's going to look great!