Saturday, March 15, 2014

Horned Owl (aka Moonkin) Pattern


Horned Owl aka Moonkin

I was asked by someone if I could help them find a Moonkin from World of Warcraft crochet pattern.   I had no luck with that so I offered my time to write one out.

I provide a lot of patterns for free but this pattern I spent a lot of time working on testing and rewriting and converting into PDF format with a lot of images.  So I am going to offer it, but for donations.

All the donations will go through PayPal, so you can use your paypal account or pay via credit card.  All donations will help me provide YOU more free patterns, hopefully better, PDF version so they can be downloaded.

If this pattern gets a good response, I will start work on converting all of my free patterns into PDF version, that way they can be downloaded for easy use.  Converting will take alot of time rewriting, time hooking up the patter for clean professional photographing  (well as professional as I can get) instructions providing semi-step by step photos of the pattern.

Please when you make a Donation, provide an email address where you wish the pattern to be sent to.   Please allow up to 48 hours for pattern delivery, I will do my best to send it ASAP when PayPal notify's me of a donation.

To make a donation please log into your PayPal account, under the 'Send Money' tab please select 'goods or services.  I removed the Donation link I had up, after the first donation I revived had 33% taken out of it.  You can feel free to donate any amount you wish.  There is no minimal fee.  Please use the email provided in the image below and make sure to note the email address you wish the pattern to be sent to.  If no address is provided I will send the PDF to the email account associated with the PayPal account that sends the donation.

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