Friday, March 7, 2014

Gift for Miss Jordan -WIP-

 Birthday Gift 


Miss Jordan

 I have seen these booties all over for a while now.   
This is the Crocodile Stitch Child Boots designed by Lianka Azulay.  I had to make a few adjustments to the pattern, I made my soles in black so her mom can add black puff paint making them non-slip if she wants with out it being noticeable.   I made some stitch count adjustments as well to get the size just right for her so they would not be to small or large.

I am using one skein of Chroma Luau WW, with a sole of  a few yards RHSS black. 

I think the baby size in this boot look the best, I realize the bigger the shoe the more noticeable the flaws in the pattern.  The front decreases have left some gaps that when the shoe is stretched are noticeable.  The directions for finishing the soles could use better defining I fallowed what they wrote, and did not get the right stitch count I had to go back and modify how I worked my corners.  Fallowing their directions I always came up 4 stitches short so I made two increases in each corner instead of putting 2 stitches in each corner as the pattern called for.

If I ever had call to make an other pair of these boot's I think I will make the sole I wrote for my other boots and just make sure I end with the right amount of stitches because it is more foot shaped and less rectangular, these booties I would call super wide width if you use the patterns sole, that is coming from someone who has wide width feet herself.

I still need to find some buttons to use and sew them on for closure, and weave in all my ends.  The photos are of the semi-finished right boot.  I am going to start the left boot now, sadly I did not end in a spot where they will be perfect matches, the left will start with the sherbet orange instead of the blood orange like the right boot.

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