Saturday, March 8, 2014

Finaly finished! Crocodile Stitch Boots

Finally Finished! I really hope they fit her and she loves them.

I wasn't able to match up the color change on them, but I think it gives them a touch of kitch.  My hubby drove me all over town today just so I could find the right buttons to go with this color.  I picked a nice purple, turquoise, and lime green buttons so they would pop.  The button slip threw 3 of the stitches that look like scales/peddles  and can be adjusted so they are tighter by going over to the next set of V stitches (can only be seen from the inside so) or even to the next set of 3 scales/peddles.

Now that they are done, I will be going back to work on two blankets on for Miss Jordan, and the other for her dad.  I left the granny square blanket at my sisters so I am hoping that Jordan doesn't stretch it out to badly so the squares I am making fit with out causing it to bunch up.

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