Saturday, March 1, 2014

WIP --- Pattern, Crochet Head band that looks knit

I have been stitching and frogging this pattern for almost 2 months now.  I have been asked a few times if I could make a head band pattern that looks like  >Insert random image of headband that looks knit<.

This pattern I will say is Intermediate because of the stitch work but don't let it stop you from trying if your a beginner!

I am going to update the pattern as I work on this, if anyone wants to work it with me let me know I would love any feedback and photos of your progress.

I am going to work this pattern with HDC, but I will not be working into the Front/Back/Post, instead I will be working into the bar on the back of the HDC.  Now if you dont know what I am talking about grab some yarn and a hook chain up 8 st and HDC in the 3rd chain from hook and across.  Now look close at your HDC you will see there are the top F/B loops then on the back of the work close to the f/b loops is an additional loop/bar that is the part of the HDC we will be working into and it will push the front and back loops to the front of the work after a few rows you will start to see the 'knit' like look.  

I have not started the writing the pattern as I can not find a good way to work this in the round yet.  I am working on making my 'ends' of the head band not curl and still look 'knit' while being crochet.

I will start off with a chain 35, I plan on working across the 35 then chaining and working the other side of the 35.  I need to work on this starting  till I get it in a way that looks good and doesn't curl before I can move on.

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