Monday, March 24, 2014

Star 'Pentical' Granny Square Pattern

PGS scarf commission
Ok so over a year ago I saw someone posting a 'pentacle' granny and I looked at it and it was just a 6 pointed star/flower granny which disappointed me so I made up my own pattern to make a true pentacle granny square.

I have all my notes that I scribbled down, and have been promising since like July 2012 that I would write the pattern up.

So here it is, the long awaited Pentacle GS

US terms blah blah blah
I dont have any wip shots because when I wrote the pattern I did not take any, and when I was requested to make a scarf with them I just plain forgot.  If it is to confusing to fallow with out pic's just let me know in the comments and I will make some time to whip one up with photos.

Any yarn and hook size can be used.  Just make sure you use the size hook the yarn label calls for (or go up or down a hook size).

I am also coining a few new term 2ndchfh = 2nd chain from hook, and cinc= Corner increase which is 3 stitches worked into one instead of 2.

Base of the star-
Chain 51, sc in 2ndchfh. sc 3, cinc (this should be the 5th ch st your working into),*sc 9, cinc,*  repeat *--* four more times (you should now have 5 points), sc 5 and fo leaving a tail for weaving in the ends.

The star needs to be 'weaved' together now,each CINC is now a point of the star.   See diagram the first  CINC is 1 and so on.

It may help to have a blocking board and pins to help you keep everything in its place.

First lay it out, you wont need to weave till after you get the 3 point positioned/pinned, you will weave under the line going from 1 to 2.  Place or pin your 4 point, then go over the line  from 1 to 2, and under 2 to 3.  Place/Pin point 5, go over 2 to 3, and under 3 to 4. now use your tail ends to sew the the two ends together, I like to do the invisible join where you use the darning needle and  weave it uner the two loops of the first sc then go back into the last sc between loops.  It makes it harder to notice the join.

Now to make the Square-
R1 SLST and sc into the 5 point (you want to be in the 2nd sc in the middle of the CINC), chain 9, sc into 3 point, ch 9, sc into 1 point, ch 9, sc into 4 point, ch 9, sc in 2 point, ch 7 slst into first sc.  Points 2 and 5 will be the bottom which is why they have fewer ch between them.
R2 Ch 1, sc 1, *CINC, sc 11,* repeat this *---* all the way around ending with sc  9
R3 Ch 2 (doesnt count as a DC) dc 2, *cinc, (the cinc should be worked in the middle st of the last cinc incase your stitch countgot off) dc 12, *  repeat *---* 4 more times and end with dc 10 slst to first st.
R4- Ch 1, sc 3, work a *cinc in the middle of last rows cinc, sc 14,* repeat *--* all the way around sc 12 at the end and FO

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  1. Thank you for sharing! This is something I've been looking for!