Thursday, September 17, 2015

Surprise in the mail...

I received a surprise in the mail today.

You remember when I started on the mermaid tail blanket I made with Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn?

When THIS happened.  I had 5 tail's come out of the center of the ball.  I was a bit upset (read devastated) and thought I would not be able to make the yarn work.

I contacted the Bernat CS about it because  that is a lot of unjoined tails to have in a single ball.  Especially one where you cant easily join the yarn in a invisible or unnoticeable way.  There CS is a little hard to navigate but eventualy I got to the right person/department, and they agree'd that was just a bad ball that shouldnt have made it out of the factory but mistakes happen.  They promised to ship me out a new ball ASAP.

Today I got my new ball, and the surprise was they sent me TWO!!  Thank you Bernat!  Chloe thinks they are her new snuggle buddies

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