Friday, September 11, 2015

Check one gift off the list!

My niece recently starting showing interest in mermaids so I jumped on the mermaid tail hooking bandwagon.  One more christmas gift down, many more to go.

I worked up a pattern of my own, using bernat blanket yarn.  I made the fin first, then separately I worked on a chevron blanket in rows, I evened off the bottom edge so it would be flat.  I then folded it in thirds, with the tail tucked inside with the side I want to be the outside facing inside, I sew across the bottom, leaving what would be the outer fold 1/2 sewn (it will be the side you folded in first).  Then you just flip it right side out, it should be easy to get into an out of with the outer fold only 1/2 sewn.

 If there is any interest I can translate my short hand notes into a written PDF.   This only took me 2 days working off and on.  Its 36 inches long not including the tail, and 32 wide at the top when spread open.

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