Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I got my invite!

RESOBOX picked me to come back and be apart of their world wide Amigurumi exhibition again this year. They are changing things up a bit, it got a theme going this year. Everyone who is invited back needs to provide at least one item that shows a characteristic or feature of their country or local area in their amigurumi pieces.
For my 'Local' feature I made a Cardinal, its the state bird of where I am from, and its also our 'sports ball's' mascot/logo/team name.  We also have a saying around these parts, if you see a cardinal then all throughout the day you will have good luck.  Its rare to spot one here, we had the unfortunate luck on year to have a cardinal nest out on our balcony when we lived in an apartment, the females are all brown and spotty, and the fledglings are the ugliest birds ever, but the males have a vibrant red cloak with a stark black mask also one of the few birds to have a red colored beak; I picked to make a male of course.

Not sure what all I will be sending but I am going to try and pick some of the items that sold well last year, and make some new items.  I know I will be doing a few Minie Octo's as I can charge less for them, the most expensive part of them will be the safety eyes.  I want to make some interesting chibi dragons, and I was considering doing a Chinese dragon but I am not sure how well the wire framing would hold up in shipping, then having them 'pose' it.        

I want to get at the very least 20 pieces finished to send in, anything less and the shipping both ways would eat up any profit I might make.

If there is anything you want to see me make for the exhibition please let me know I am open to all ideas.  If you local to NY you can stop by in Dec-Feb to see all the work.

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