Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A stopping point... for now? [WIP]

I have reached a stopping point on this blanket for now.  I have gotten the whole S-Sheild and Bat head finished; it just needs the wings on both sides worked out.

By the way this is it spread out across our QUEEN sized bed and it was too big, the bottom of the S-sheild is hanging off, and my lovely husband is holding up the whole left side.  Sadly I didnt block the top of it yet so the bat head rolled down on itself before I could get the photo taken but once I get around to it I will make sure to get a close up of the head, and a good shot of the whole thing on the ground somewhere fully spread out with something to show the scale of it all.

My husband is alreayd using it to keep off the chill of the fan-- and I will finish it.   Just not going to make it my main project for every day.

I still have the Supernatural craft swap to start, that's going to be 4 ami's and I think I am going to make one of them special.  RESOBOX is doing their amigurumi event again this year, but they are being more selective on who's work they will show as it will be a theme event they want each artist to show a characteristic or feature of their country or local area in their amigurumi and to submit their idea.  I submitted doing a Cardinal with a Dogwood blossom branch as its my states bird and flower,  I am just waiting to hear back from them whether or not they wish to have me back.

Not to mention I need to get started on christmas/birthday gifts.  If your a relative I will see for the holidays and want me to make you a scarf/hat/slippers/gloves let me know or else your getting one of the random items I will just start working on.

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