Monday, September 28, 2015

A hole lot to show..?(SNCS #2)

And I fogot to take pictures.

The only thing I got a decient shot of is the batch of custum eyes  I finished painting for my Supernatural Craft Swap.

Since I custom blend my own paint for (most) the eyes I have a good amount of paint and it would be a waste to just do one set of eyes when I could do 6-8 (only the driest seen in photo) of each color blend before the paint dried up (or ran out).  So I made a batch of Angle Blues, and some Moose Hazel.  Since my eyes are hazel I know they tend to shift from light brown  to dark, to green, to a coppery shade, so depending on how the light hits these they should have some tones of dark/light brown with just a shift of copper.  I also have one set of Demonic Red, since I didn't need to 'mix' anything to get the shade of red I needed I only made one set.

Not seen are some custom mixed green hazel eye, I think they where mixed in with the wetter eyes and I just didnt want to risk smearing the colors together trying to pick them up.

Out side of this I have most of my boys clothing ideas laid out, just have to find the elusive grays I need.

--Outside of all the SNCS stuff.--

I have finished 25 amigurumi for the RESOBox event this Dec-Feb.  Once I burn out on working on them I swap to christmas gifts (got 4 done) projects.  I have a few new patterns that I need to write up, chart and share here, one is a cabled hat I worked up for a christmas gift.  I had wanted a gender neutral item so I could make it in a neutral color to give to either male or female's.

Before I ship them all off I will most defiantly get some photos of all the ami's.

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