Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crochet hooks -.- and size issues

So I know crochet hooks are not standardized.  So I typically leave a hook with any WIP I am working on at the time so I don't come back to it with the wrong hook.

I get this a lot when I am making amigurumi with a G hook as there are 3 hooks sizes I have that are stamped as G luckily they are all different colors.  I just came to realize I have the same issue with N size hooks I have 3 all different sizes but two are blue-green (9&11) and one is gold.

This is why a Gauge Card is useful, I need to get some masking tape at some point and write the proper sizes on 9mm/10mm/11mm which is a big size difference if  you start a project with a 9mm and pick up the 11mm or vice versa it will be noticeable.

This can also throw off your projects.  I have a yarn that calls for a N hook (no more information) so which one does it want 9mm, 10mm, or the 11mm?  My gauge swatch for 2by2 inch block is  5 sc by 4 rows on the 9mm, 4sc by 4 rows on a 10mm, and 3 1/2 sc by 3 1/2 rows on the 11mm.

I do wish there was more standardization in crochet hooks across brands.   Also I wish they wouldn't miss label the MM size on hooks, one of my N's says its 10mm but when I use the gauge checker it reads as a 9mm (the other two dont have a MM marked on them).  MM should be a standard messurment globaly right?

I took a short break from working on amigurumi for RESOBOX,  to work on a few christmas/birthday gifts and this lead me to the N hook conundrum.

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