Wednesday, September 9, 2015


So I am geting my yarn bag prepped to start a gift for my neice.  I picked 3 shades of Bernat Baby Blanket yarn, and was going to make a mermaid tail.

So how I start out--
  • Gather the yarn I want to use.
  • Find the center pull; if their isnt one easy to access I brake out my ball winder and wind up a center pull ball.
  •  Then I tuck it all into a bag with center pull tails facing up.
When I get to the 'Baby Lilac' shade I was excited I got a tail right away but it was a bit hard to tug out so I just pulled a vomit chunk out.  To my surprise I had not one center tail-- but four.  =.=
I am quiet vexed with this yarn.  Its super chunky so there will not be a good way to re-join it to itself with out it be noticeable.  Russia join is out the window, splicing is impossible as its not ply'd, this leaves me with knotting it.  I think I will try doing a  u-n knot (where the u and n inter lock), I think it will be the least bulky and noticeable with this type of yarn. 

I should get out my ball winder and start winding the purple up into a new center pull so I can control where all the knots will go.  Maybe I will get lucky and 2 of the ends will be on a short SHORT piece that I can just toss (crosses fingers for luck).

If I am even luckier Bernat will get back to me and say they are sending me a new ball with only 2 ends!!


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