Saturday, September 12, 2015

Supernatural Craft swap (update #1)

Ok guys prepare yourselfs.  I am trying to get a little head on my craft swap, so I can share progress photos with my swappie.

I now realize my photo of all the heads might look like something else because of the 'skin' color *sigh*.  Oh well as soon as I rip apart my yarn stash to find my eyes I can do a custom painted eye jobs and finish the heads.

Now for the hard part, I still need to decide what outfits each of them will be wearing.  Cass's outfit will be easy he always wears the same thing but the other guys change it up episode to episode so I will need to look for a iconic, or classic look.  Might draw some inspiration from re-watching my swap partners favorite season.     A lot of their outfits are layered and that can be tricky to do with out making your ami look chunky.  

FYI all my fallowing Supernatural Craft Swap updates will be labeled with 'SNCS #(insert number here)' so if you want to search for them, or you just wish to avoid them you know what to look for in the titles.

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