Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Birthday Gift

 So I asked my sister what she wanted for her birthday (stipulation I was making it out of yarn that she had previously commented on wanting something made out of) and she bombarded me with tons of images of hats.  Here is the finished hat, its done up in the Puff Stitch with a DC boarder.  I originally planned on adding a short brim to it because a lot of the images I was shown had them, but this pattern sucked up this whole skein of yarn I barely had a foot left when I did my tail tucking.   

So no brim, but what do you think of adding a set of detachable flowers so she can pick and choose what flower she wants to wear with it, as sort of a dress it up, dress it down, dress it kookie how ever she feels that day. (And however many flowers I made -.-)

This way she can place the flower any where she wants and it is not stuck in some random location I picked that might not work well for her.

Sorry for photo quality I took these last night just to show her to make sure she liked it I was going to take photos today but its overcast out and they would not look any different.

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