Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Flowers! Irish Motif

I still need to get myself over to a crafting store and pick out a away to attach these flowers so she can pick and choose which one she wants to wear when ever she feels like a change of flower.

I am thinking alligator clips if I can find them in the right size.

Its been overcast for the past week so I just took shots of the flowers inside with the best lighting I can manage, I need to build me a light box I just dont have the space upstairs for it. I took some close up shots of some of the ones that just didn't come out in the group shot.  I hope Christine really likes these.  Most of theses where made with a bulky weight yarn with exception of the top middle (pink and grey) and the bottom middle two (yellow/blue and white) they where made with worst weight.

I didnt write down the pattern as I was working these they should be a basic Irish motif flower, but here is basicly what I did-

Chain 4 slst into first chain to form a ring
Chain 5 and dc into the ring, *chain 2 dc into the ring* do this 5 times then slst to the 3rd chain in the starting chain. You should have 6 chain spaces now.

Chain one, in the first chain space -sc, chain 1, dc2, chain 1, sc- repeat across all chain spaces you should end up with 6 peddles slsp into the first sc and cut off end.

Switch color and put a slip knot on your hook to start, slip stitch around the starting chain three from the BACK side of the flower  then chain up 6,  DC around the next dc post  (working from the back side of the flower this whole time) chain 3 and repeat all the way around, slst into the 3 chain in the begining chain up.  Again you shoould have 6 chain spaces.

Chain one - sc, ch 1, dc3, ch 1, sc- repeat across all chain spaces (I did a few peddles sc, ch1, dc, tr,dc,ch,sc to get a more pointy peddle) slst FO

For the one with a 3rd round -
Put a slip stitch on the hook and from the back side of the flower slip around the starting post of the last round, chain 7, dc around the next post, chain 3 repeat till you have 6 chain spaces.

Chain 1 --sc, hdc, dc2, hdc, sc -- repeat around finish off.

These work up quick and you only need a few yards (I believe I used less then 4 feet for the smallest flower)

UPDATE here are some shots of the flowers all finished and clipped onto the hat, yes I clipped them all on at once that way none of them will get lost.  I dont think she will ever wear more then one at a time, this is just so I know where they are.

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