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November is National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo for short. I am doing the challenge again this year, I skipped doing it last year but in 2011 I managed to finish with like a week of time still to go.

Basiccaly the challenge is to start writing a story, and by the end of the month have atleast 50,000 words finished.  I dont expect to hit 50,000 words in the time frame this year because I just started writing my story... and because I am a tiny bit lazy and easily distracted.

This years story is going to be about a character I made up for my gaming group where are playign Dungeon World right now, but due to some  controversy and conflict I wound up not using.  So I am not giving up on her I am actually going to turn the character into an amazing heroin.

The tale is told from Estrela's point of view, she will turn everyone's concepts of what a dragon is upside down.  Hopefully my idea of what a dragon is will be a fun contrast to what other people think, and they will enjoy it.

I was thinking of blogging updates of the chapters as I finish them, I am just hesitant because I dont want to run off readers who come for the crochet/crafts aspect of this blog. I just think posting here will be an encouragement something that makes me excited to write and get it online to share with people who may enjoy it.  Also they might catch things I miss, I horrible grammer, and spelling and spell check does not always catch it.

So I will start off by saying my novel is in the fantasy gener, it will have many races like elfs, dwarfs, dragons and all that good stuff.  Hopefully it will be done in a freash new way with some twists and turns that are surprising.   If there is no real responce or views to this I will scrap the idea and just go back to keeping to crochet/crafting.

So I will stop with the gabbering and get to it--

A Dragons Tale

by Sarah Cole

Chapter 1

It was warm,  I couldn't ever remeber being so warm before.  The warmth wrapped around me cocooning me.  Everything was so bright as well but I could not tell where the light was coming from it seemed to be coming from me, but that's just silly why would I be glowing.  I reached out but my arm was stopped less than an inch from where it started.  I really was cocooned.

 Panic flashed threw me so fast that every muscle in my body flexed lashing out.   Cracks of seeping darkness started to creep and lash out around me.  Darkness engulfed me I struggled fighting against it only to be slapped in the face with a blast of cold air.

Gasping I jerked upright my arms swinging in a Wooshi form, my left arm bent low tucked in at my waist while the right slipped out in front palm up fingers straight.  My legs straddled the tree branch I had been nestled asleep on I braced them against the tree.  The dream really threw my sences into overdrive.  I was at the rest waypoint, tucked up into the tree just where I went to sleep last night.  Day light was just breaking threw the sky waking up the woods.

I sucked in a breath, the cold fall air burning on the way in waking me up fully.  I looked around trying to see what had woke me up.

The waypoint was barren, cold and slightly damp from the moring dew.  The only prints leading from the road where my own.  Off in the distance from the road I can hear a creaking rattling sound of a cart.  I allow myself to relax my mussels and slide down from the tree.  Pulling my cape around so it hung properly I drew the hood up to cover my sleep tangled  brown gold flecked curls and to throw shade onto my pale eyes.  I took caution when I knew I would be forced to interact with humanoids.  They where often startled by my eyes, they where a pale gold most of the time, but they often reflected my mood.  I tried my best to match the human forms but some things just always remained the same no matter what form I took.  Bruin said that was the one way you could always tell if an animal form was him or not, there was always one thing he couldn't change regardless of what form he took.  He was always blind in every form, the eyes of the animal where scared dark pits .  Its not always the eyes he would emphasize that, just because it was his eyes or mine, others would have different traits they would carry into every form they took.
I was short compared to most over worlders.  I did not have the height and slenderness that came so easily to the Elfs, nor was I short, stout, and sturdy like a dwarf.   When I made my two legger form Bruin made me keep adjusting so I never looked to much like one race over another.  He always called me a pure blending of the races.  He never mentioned the prejudice I might have to deal with, races that believed in pure blood lines where often downright hostile in my presents. I would stick to the outskirts of citys full of pure blood races that where more hostile.  In the 83 years I have been traveling the over world, the races have melded together in alot of places so I was not as out of place in those citys.  Sadly I could not stay in any one place for to long. 
I age far more slowly than the over worlders.  I am 103 years old.  Bruin says dragons are the longest lived creatures on this planet, that dragons shaped the world with their magic making it possible for other life to thrive and coexist.  I would still be a child to those of my race, my  outward appearance is that of a young adult whom has just reached the age where they could strike out on their own or start in training to take over their family's business.  
I must keep traveling, not only so people dont notice I am not aging as they are, but to try and find a way to save my race.

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