Thursday, November 7, 2013

Winter head wrap or Neck warmer.

 I decided to make a project for me since I have been working on stuff for others for some time.
I was out at a festavil with my sister and bro-in-law and the squirt and I keep seeing these chunky head bands.  They where all imported from china made from flimsy yarn and probably would fall apart in its first washing but I still wanted one.  At last I spend my money on other things like hydration and did not buy one but I figured I could just make one.So here it is my first go at this pattern I wrote as I worked.  It is super simple if you can double crochet, increase, and decrease you can do this.
You just need to know a few things
  • How big the persons head is that wants the item
  • Your crochet guage - which means how many stitches and rows it takes to make an inch (or your perfured method of measurement)

Start off by chaining 4
DC in the 2nd chain from hook, Dc in next chain (also last chain)
Ch 2 DC INC in both st's
Ch 2 Dc, inc, inc, dc
ch 2 DC 3, inc, inc, dc3

What I am doing here is Increasing in the middle two stitches you can increase till the band is wide enough for your liking, for a child I would stop increasing right here.  For my head band (fits my head at 22 inches) I did 2 more rows of increase.  

Once you have your increase as wide as you want the band to be measure it from the start point to the mid section of your last completed row.  Take that number and times it by 2 so if you have 4 inches, you would times it by 2 to be 8inches.  This number is important for me that would mean I would need to crochet an other 14 inches of just even back and forth rows.

Now depeding on your yarn, hook, and guage these numbers WILL differ for most people, I used a I or J hook with a #5 Bulky yarn but I crochet it tightly as I tend to do so my guage was about 3 stitches and 1 1/4 rows to an inch.

So what you need to do is just DC back and forth stoping to measure every know and then till you get the lenth you need  (( Head size {22} - Increase section{4*2})) Once you hit that lenght you will start your decrease rows which will be the same lenght as your increase rows (its why you muliplied by 2) As with the increases, I did all the decreasing in the middle section.

Picking up from where I left off in the patter--
Ch 2 dc 3, dec, dec, dc 3
ch 2 dc,dec, dec, dc
Ch 2 Dec, Dec
Ch 2 dc 2
Leave a long tail.  

Using the long tail sew in a button that is roughly 1 inch wide, it should slip snuggly between the DC's from the starting row to secure the head band, and if your band is a little loose just go up a row or two.

I plan on make a flower for my head band from my previous post, like the ones I made for my sisters birthday gift.  I will use an alligator clip to attach it so that I can have multiple flowers to dress it up or down depending on my mood.

I wore it out today because it is getting cold here and the wind was picking up, it was nice and warm, and when I got to the store I just pulled it down so it sat around my neck keeping the warmth from my jack in.  It is not only cute but it function as a multipurpose warmer.  My jacked is a tight jean jacked and doesnt have the space for a bulky scarf to be tucked into but this winter head band/neck warmer worked great for me and did what I needed it to do.

As always if you make one I would love to see it.

As always I used the American terms for stitches.

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