Thursday, November 21, 2013

For the little baker --Pattern--

These where requested, to go with a custom made kid kitchen.  Four hot pink, and black pot holders and a black and pink oven mit.

The oven mit threw me for a loop tyring to make the thumb, I thought would be easy.  Next time if there is a next time I will make the thumb sepratly and attach it at the end.   I ran out of the pink I was using part way threw so one of the pink with black trim's pot holders has a thicker trim than the other but I kind of like that.

Child Pot holders pattern-
Chain 4, DC 2 into the first chain, *chain 2 dc 2 into same spot* repeat two more times (so you have 4 clusters of 2dc's) chain 2 slst into the first dc

From here out you will DC into each DC an on the corners (the chain space) you will DC2 chain 2 DC 2 join with a slip to the first dc

I worked these kid sized ones for 4 rounds in the main color then did a round of sc (4 sc in each corner) in the trim color.  In the last corner sc 2 chain 8 then sc 2 and finish round.

Child Oven Mit
MR- DC 10
DC inc all 20
Dc all  
-repeat for 3 more rows-
In contrast color, do a row of SC
Switch back to main color
Dc all the way around but stop two stitches from the end, chain two then slip stitch into the first dc
that space we just made is the area for the thumb
In contrast color I worked 8 sc into the space (two in the previous row  two in the sides of each dc and 2 in the chain) then I worked it for 3 rounds, and decreased ever other stitch on  the 4th  and 5th rows and weaved the end shut.     --If I ever do this again I will make the thumb sepratly, by Mr 4, Inc all (8), sc all for 5 rows then sewing it into the mit.--

In black, work dc all the way around the mit, puting 2 dc into the chain 2 space
work in Dc for two more rows.

I did a scalloped edging, instead of chaining up after the slst.  
Starting from the slst dc in the second st from the hook 4 times, skip one stitch then slst in the next stitch,  repeat once, chain 8 and slst back into the last slip and repeat the Dc4 slst pattern all the way around.


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