Saturday, November 23, 2013

Baby {doll} Blankie -Update- Finished!

I was asked to make a baby doll blanket to acompany a gift for my niece.  One of her grannies is getting her a baby doll set but she wanted it to come with a blankie she knew Jordan would love.  I am using a skein that I picked up at a yard sale, its very soft, Lion Brand Homespun in the color Waterfalls.  Is an amazing shade of blue that has shine to it with out looking metallic.

It is just the basic granny squar pattern only with out color changes so I just slip to the next space to chain up

Chain 4, DC in 4th ch from hook, chain 2, *dc2, ch 2* repeat 3 times

slst into the top st of the starting chain, slst over to the chain sp working in the space chain up 3, dc2, ch 2, dc3 , with out chainging- dc3 into the next ch sp, ch 2, dc 3- repeat 3 times

sl st into the top of the starting chain, and work 3dc into each space and on the corners -3dc,ch 2, 3dc-
going as big as you like

I plan on stopping at about 16-18 inches wide as its for a baby doll that will be pretty small. If anyone has any issues working one up let me know and I will try to help out!

Odd angle on this shot, the blanket is square

Close up shot with flash

Close up with out flash

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