Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dragon --free form crochet--

So a few weeks back my nephew asked my mom to call me and ask me if I could make him a dragon.
I said sure, I dont have a pattern I am working from I am just free form crocheting.

I used Cat safety eyes, and am stuffing as I go because I am working this dragon head, neck, body, tail in one piece.

I still need to work up 4 legs, 2 wings, then add all the small details.

I am still debating on if it should have spikes on the spine or if that would make it look to much like a dinosaur.  Right now my husband says it looks like a Long neck dinosaur so I want to make sure when my Nephew gets it it roars dragon and not dino.

It was requested to be wire free as its going to a kid who will probably be throwing it at people, so I am still trying to figure out a way to make the wings and have them not look floppy, with out having something hard inside them.

I am thinking of finding some flexible boning but not sure how I would be able to work it into the wing in a way anyone would not be able to pull it out or have it fall out.

Truthfully I am thinking so much on this that it seems like I am procrastinating.  I find that I have lost the spark that was inspiring me for this peice, and I have crocheters block.

I know what I need to make, I just cant wrap my brain around making them in the way I invision them in my noggin.

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