Thursday, October 3, 2013

EEk an other minion hat!

After people saw Jordans FeMinion I got a request for a male Minion.

I just have to sew in the eye and pluck in some hair, then add braided tassles.

This one has ear flaps unlike the other minion hat I made.

While I was out this weekend my sister bought me this nifty head form so I could easily display hats when I take pictures.



Finished the hat and managed to get some pictures of it while the sun was still shining!

I have the front pulled down over the nose so you can see the eye and the hair in the picuter together, I also took a side shot to show off the ear flap and tassel.


  1. awww too sure he's gonna love it...ty sooo much...ur are GOOD & FAST!!! nice work!!

    1. Thanks! I hope he loves it to. I am not really that fast it just seems that way because this is what I do all day, play with yarn. I will get this to Christine so she can get it over to you.