Thursday, October 10, 2013

Crochet at Animeggroll!

I was out at Animeggroll tuesday and today thursday helping Cindy.  She wanted to make a crazy hat so I worked out a pattern for her and this is what we wound up with when she finished it was about 60 inches long.  I think she did a great job on her first hat!  I sent her home with a pattern for a shorter verson of this hat, and for a tam or slouch hat.  I cant wait to she what she brings into Animeggroll on Oct 15 at 3pm when we meet up for an other 'class'.

Huge shout out to Animeggroll for letting us come take up space in the back.
They are having there 3 year anniversary party this weekend on Oct 12 starting at noon, come by and have some cake!!

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