Friday, October 4, 2013

Horsing around

I have been asked to make a horse beanie with matching Mitten and Booties.  She wanted the boots to look like Clydsdals legs with fur trim.  She requested this style yarn, eyelash yarn.  Sadly this stuff is hard to find in the color she wanted (cream) so I went with the next best option, white.

This stuff is so slippery, I have tried atleast 4 diffrent ways of attaching it and settled for the LONG TEDIOUS manor of attaching one strand at a time any other method leaves it looking like a matted mess and not like fuzzy strands of hair.

I will update with more images soon.

If I get the time I will try to get daylight shots of these before I send them off.


  1. That is cute!

    1. Thanks, the fun fur shouldnt be called fun it was messy and a pain because it didnt want to hold a knot and just looked a mess if I crocheted it into the finished peice